For hotels, condos, resorts and other short-term rentals, our software provides a complete suite that manages everything from reservations to marketing to financials in one of the simplest systems on the market. Our Hotel Software is ideal for property managers with as few as 10 units, and up to 250, and includes industry-specific features like GDS Connectivity and seasonal rate support.

It is comprehensive property management software with a fully integrated online booking engine. Building maintenance and housekeeping can be tracked, and the software comes with a built-in sales and marketing tool. There's also an optional credit card processing interface and GDS/ADS marketing.


The reporting tools are really broad. Users can track guest history, run financials, report maintenance and upkeep and plan reservations in advance. All of this information can be exported to Excel for analysis. The system itself has customized access levels, which allows every employee to use the program based on their level of security.

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