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We carry out tax advisory and planning for individuals and companies in order to minimize their exposure to tax liability. It is obvious that governments of all levels now direct their attention to taxes as a way of generating income. Unfortunately, many companies are paying too much on taxes, which could have otherwise been saved if only adequate tax planning had been put in place.

Also, some organisation in an attempt to shield their employees from paying taxes end up paying much more than what the staff could have paid.

There is need for enlightenment on tax implications of every decision being made by a company. We help companies overcome the tax challenges, which keep draining the meager resources that could have been used for other productive activities. We are also diligent in assisting you to meet your tax compliance obligations so as to avoid onerous penalties and minimize the risk of a costly tax examination.

Our services in this area cover personal income tax, company income tax, VAT and other corporate taxes.

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