Internal Audit Services

Establishment of Audit section in an organisation has hitherto been seen as a way of incurring unnecessary costs. The need for internal audit can never be over-emphasized as business activities are becoming more complex.

If you are thinking of creating this function in your organisation, we provide development guidance on how to establish the department, hire and train people and ensure proper framework for the implementation of their functions. In a situation where a company decides to outsource this function, we provide comprehensive, full services based on best practices for risk management and internal controls to such company. The advantage of this are, the auditors are more independent and the system is much more cost effective.
 We also help our clients in designing appropriate internal control system that will ensure the safeguard of their resources. We prepare accounting manual and procedures which set out detailed step by step modalities for carrying out specified tasks within the company as they relate to accounting and management.

With this, the company will have a clear delineation of duties and highlight necessary and crucial interdependencies needed to continue building and maintaining a virile organization.


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