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Having a good business idea does not automatically qualify you for loans or grants. You need a well crafted business plan to convince your target lenders or investors. We provide specialized services to new and existing businesses. We help our clients prepare professional business plans, projections and forecasts that consider the entire range of business factors — market size and penetration, profit margins, expenses, competition, staffing, financial trends, to name just a few. These projections and forecasts assist management and other interested parties in providing a map of where a business is likely to go and can also be used by financial institutions, investors, and third parties.

All of the business plans that we write are ready to turn in for loans from a bank, investors or can be used to receive a Grant to help start a new company or expand an existing one.

We also advise business startups on the business structure, finance requirement and the best sources of finance that will be suitable for their business. 

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